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Expectant Mother To Be Mix is an essential nutrition boost for pregnant and nursing mothers.


The mix helps to:


  • Boost the immune system.
  • Improve condition during pregnancy.
  • Support the prevention of miscarriage - rich in iron.
  • Encourage a speedy and strong birth.
  • Stimulate the milk glands and increase the milk flow in nursing mothers.
  • Prevent and treat kindling problems such as retained afterbirth. 


Very palatable to encourage eating. Once accepted, can be fed daily in a small quantity.


Contains - Milk Thistle Seeds (7%), Fennel (7%), Dandelion (7%), Blackberry Leaf (7%), Comfrey (7%), Nettle (7%), Raspberry Leaf (7%), Lemon Balm (7%), Echinacea (7%), Strawberry Leaf (7%)

Expectant Mother To Be Mix (70g)

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