Introducing our 2020 Blog!

Hello Everybun!

For the year of 2020 and beyond we have decided to write a blog to keep everyone up to date with the goings on in the world of bunnies and all small animals alike.

The content within this blog will be about the day to day life of looking after our beloved pets, the direction that Hop to Forage is going in and generally all things bunny. The good, the bad & the ugly!

**Flashback to 8th of August 2016** Picture the scene. I had just came home from work - a day of flying around in my van fitting blinds throughout Fife. I grabbed a sandwich from the kitchen and sank into the couch after 10 hours of being on my feet all day.

Two bites in and the doorbell rings. 'I've sat just down!' I opened the door and one of our friends - Peter who was tending to his horses on our farm, was stood on our doorstep with a thin little black rabbit in his arms and laughs "I don't think he's wild mate!"

I had no idea what to do, no food, no where to put him and no idea how to look after a rabbit! My wife took him while i frantically looked for something to put him in, all we had was a cat carrier and a towel. We put him in the carrier while we had a look online for a local hutch or something he could sleep in until we decided what we would do next.

We found a local hutch online for £40 and picked it up. A battered old thing but was pretty sturdy and quite roomy for a hutch, I put it in the car and brought it home. By this time I knew my wife would be bonding with the little lost bunny so I was half expecting our spare room to be earmarked as his bedroom! When I got home my wife was stroking him, he looked so sad, but relieved to have been found!

I had a quick look to see if his sex could be determined & quickly established he was an entire male and was also infested with fleas. My wife and I are animal lovers and knew we had to take him to the Vets straight away. The Vet scanned him for a microchip, we prayed there would be no beep! No chip was found! My Wife called me as soon as the appointment was over. She tried to hide her elation. Badly!

We checked all of our local shops, online local pages and asked around our neighbours and locals but no one was missing this bunny!

So I came home to a Vet appointment to get this bunny Neutered, Vaccinated, and Microchipped. I tried to pretend I was surprised, but I knew she would do it. I'm glad she did it too, because two days previous he was laying on my lap while I was on the couch and he was eating nuggets out of my hand while my wife was out. I felt an immediate bond. Sometimes animals come into your life when you both need each other the most. We named him Axel & that day, our journey began...

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